• Stripped down Interface

    Rich interfaces have their place, but that place is not this site. You need access to your data quickly and securely. The judging system is lightweight enough to run over a cellular connection.

  • Customizable Registration Wizard

    You can give us header and footer code or provide a HTML "shell" for us to transplant the registration code. Customizable confirmation emails are sent after each registration so your contestants know where to return to get their scores and to help eliminate duplicate entries.

  • Bring your own categories & skills

    We're not going to lock you into to a particular set of judging categories or skills. Bring your own branded information and make this contest your own. All judging categories are based on a simple 1-10 point scale.

  • Contestant Self Management

    Contestants can upload a profile picture and music or select from your event supplied music catalog. The system assigns IDs, optimizes images for the web lets them tag their entry for genre, style, type of entry.

  • Audio support

    We support OGG, MP4, WAV, and MP3 file formats. Music is presented in an online list of contestant stage order for your DJ or sound crew to play for each contestant. Works best from a laptop, not all mobile phones support all formats.

  • Electronic Scoring

    Time is of the essence, no more adding on paper or lost sheets for pre and stage judging. We support two methods, score averaging per category or straight summing of all scores. Stage judge scores can be recorded on paper and bulk entered at their sides or give each judge a device and login. Spend more time deliberating fantastic entries instead of looking for lost or out of order judging sheets.

  • Announcement Sheets

    We won't let your announcer down. We have "light" and "dark" modes for the online announcement sheets in whatever skill level order you need in bright or dim lighting situations. Or if you prefer you can download a PDF and print it.

  • Logging

    It sounds boring but you need to know the integrity of your judges or resolve issues if someone contests the entered scores.


Events that have used the Scoresum system


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    US$200 Per event
    Cloud based
    Encrypted personal information
    Runs on Laptops to Smartphones

    Judging Formats:
         • Application + Prejudging + Stage (3 rounds)    
    • Prejudging + Stage (2 rounds)
    • Stage only judging (1 round)

    Scoring Methods (By scoring category):
    • Summary (default)
    • Averaging

    Audio file upload
    Profile photo upload
    Gallery link upload