General Rules
  1. This is a cosplay not a costume contest, purchased "halloween" style costumes are not being accepted.

  2. You are required to have an online gallery of progress photos since pre-judging and acceptance to the stage competition will be performed online. Please keep adding photos until registration closes. Contestants will be emailed their status after the pre-judging period ends. This gallery can be from any source like Pintrest, Imgur, Google Photos, or even Facebook as long as the album is "Public" and doesn't need a login to view it. Please do not use Instagram for your gallery.

  3. To get started you will need to certify that you understand the rules, fill out how much of your cosplay is handmade, and have the names/emails of all members of your contest entry before you can save your entry into the system.

  4. Your cosplay must be at least 70% handmade by your crafting skills.

  5. FULL rules available here.
Please fill in to continue:

Handmade / Altered / Commissioned
/ / = (Must equal 100%)




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